Tribunal Name: You can search for main decisions of the Industrial Tribunals or The Fair Employment Tribunal or both Tribunals.

Decision Issued Year:  You can search for main decisions that have been uploaded to our website from the beginning of 2007. Decisions issued before then are not available on the website but can be viewed in the Register of Decisions which is available for inspection at the Office of the Tribunals during office hours.

Case ID:  If you know the case reference number of the decision that you wish to view, you can search by this field. Please note that the correct format for your search will be e.g. 00001/14FET or 12345/14IT.

Where a decision relates to more than 10 claimants and/or respondents it will not always be possible to search for that decision by Claimant” and/or Case ID,” however, you can still search using the other fields.

Claimant: If you know the claimant’s surname you can search by this field.

Respondent: If you know the respondent’s name you can search by this field. Please note that there can be more than one respondent in a particular case.

Type of Claim: If you wish to search for main decisions by the type of claim (jurisdiction) that a claimant has brought to the tribunals you can select from the options shown in the table. If you select more than one of the options you will get results for each of those selected ordered by date the decision was issued to the parties. A search for ‘Other’ will not list any of the jurisdictions already identified under ‘Type of claim’.

Employment Judge: If you wish to search for main decisions by the Employment Judge who made the decision, you can do so by inputting their forename and/or their surname.

You are advised to refine your search to avoid getting a lengthy list of decisions which may take longer to download.

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